Business Setup Services in Dubai

Choose from tailored services like free zone company formation and SEO, all with upfront pricing, guaranteed renewals, and no hidden fees.


Business Setup Services in Dubai

Choose from tailored services like free zone company formation, SEO, and virtual assistants, all with upfront pricing, guaranteed renewals, and no hidden fees.

Explore Handlr Zone Premium Business Services

Explore a suite of specialised services designed to simplify and enhance your free zone business setup experience in Dubai and your business growth.

Dubai Business Setup

Establish your business in a popular Dubai free zone with expert guidance and a range of free zone company formation options. Start your business with confidence with guaranteed renewal prices.

UAE Residency Visas

Secure your free zone residency or investor visas with our expert guidance, ensuring a smooth and expedited process tailored to your specific needs.

Ongoing Business Support

Beyond setup and visas, we provide ongoing support and innovation in services to ensure your business thrives under Handlr Zone's guidance.

Handlr Zone Members

Choose our bundled packages for business setup in Dubai and SEO services, among other vital benefits to accelerate your business growth, all with transparent terms and guaranteed renewal prices.

SEO Solutions

Enhance your online presence with SEO strategies focused on long-term business growth, tailored to your specific market needs.

Vital Business Connections

As more members setup companies in Dubai, the more opportunity there will be for you to get connected with inspirational business minds, make new friends and create lasting partnerships.

Handlr Zone's Track Record

of Business Excellence

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Business Set Up in Dubai

Business Setup and Support

Streamline your company formation with expert setup services, inclusive of SEO, to ensure your business thrives from the start.

Networking Opportunities

Access Handlr Zone's influential business networks and community groups as part of your package, providing valuable connections in Dubai's dynamic market.

Residency Visa Setup

Secure your UAE free zone residency visas with professional guidance, integral to our comprehensive packages tailored to international entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Plan Benefits

Select from our tiered packages, each designed with unique benefits such as bank account opening assistance, high net worth group access and inclusion in our business directory, designed to maximise your success.

Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

Rapid New Business Setup in Dubai

Set up your free zone company quickly with streamlined processes tailored to maximize efficiency and minimise paperwork.

Tax Advantages & Strategic Location

Benefit from significant tax exemptions and a strategic location that offers easy access to global markets, enhancing business growth and profitability.

Continued Business Support

Benefit from ongoing support after your setup, helping you navigate the business landscape of Dubai effectively.

Flexible Licensing Options

Choose from a variety of free zone licenses, including options for multiple trade activities, tailored to fit your business needs perfectly.

Streamlined UAE Residency Visa Services

Fast Processing

Enjoy fast and efficient visa processing, perfect for entrepreneurs and employees seeking quick entry and setup.

Flexible Visa Options

Access various visa options tailored for investors, entrepreneurs, and their families, with options to stay out of the UAE for up to 6 or 12 months.

Long-term Stability

Secure long-term residency options that support both your personal and professional life in a thriving business hub.

best business set up company in Dubai for global entrepreneurs setting up a free zone business and UAE residency in Dubai with Handlr Zone

Find Best Free Zone Setup Plan For You

Answer a few simple questions about the company you want to set up in Dubai and we'll let you know the best options for your needs.

Custom SEO Plans

Boost your website’s traffic with our custom SEO plans, targeting key phrases to maximize visibility.

Content Optimisation

Enhance your site's content for better search rankings and user engagement, driving more leads.

Quality Backlinks

Build your site’s authority with real, quality backlinks that improve search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic.

Transparent SEO Dashboard

Monitor your SEO progress with daily updates through our user-friendly SEO dashboard provided to our clients.

Free Zone Business Setup Pricing

Experience comprehensive business support with our fixed-price business setup plans. Each package includes essential services and exclusive benefits designed for your long-term growth.

Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees and guaranteed renewal prices for 3 years!

Looking for a tailored private client plan?

Find Your Perfect Handlr Zone Service in Dubai

Use our interactive guide to find tailored solutions for Dubai free zone business setup, SEO, or virtual assistant services that fit perfectly with your business growth ambitions.

Latest Insights from Handlr Zone

Stay updated with the latest trends and tips on Dubai free zone business setup, regulations and UAE visas directly from our experts.

Trusted Dubai Free Zone Business Set Up & UAE Visa Services | Handlr Zone

Transparent Business Setup Services in Dubai Choose from tailored services like free zone company formation, SEO, [...]

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